Friday, April 27, 2012

675 (Melissa) Memorial Bridge Race - Video

Check out this nice edit put together by our very own CACHE1:
This was one awesome race thru the streets of LA.  The concept was to race thru all the bridges that shoot out and back into down town . The route was 13 miles of heart pumping sprints and running red lights, the messenger way!  We dedicate this race in memory of all our fallen messenger friends, including our dear friend Melissa "Mouse" who past away last year on 4-20....peace out!

675 alley cat race. from cache cache on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Custom Road Runner Roll Top Bag

"City of Los Angeles" Custom Roll Top made by RoadRunnerBags.
RoadRunnerBags are100% hand made by two California locals, located in Long Beach.
I'm very impressed and loving all the custom touches and secret compartments!

Custom Material courtesy of the city of Los Angeles

I.D. / Spoke Card Display

 40oz. Holster

3lb. NY Lock Holster
And many other "secret" stashes!
Thanks Brad...We'll be in contact soon.

Shop RoadRunnerBags on Etsy here!
RoadRunnerBags Facebook here!

Reckless Behavior Race!

Facebook Event here!

Registration : 1:oo p.m
Race starts at 2:30p.m<---SHARP!


The Race is 16 miles !
Check Point# 1
Check Point# 2
Check Point# 3
Will be announced on the day of the Race,
If you done all 3 Reckless Behavior Training's
You'll do GREAT! :)
-Training Sessions 1,2,3...

Yes there will be Route slips to tell you where your checkpoints are at on the day of the race.

Men's Category : 1st 2nd & 3rd Overall
Women's Category : 1st 2nd & 3rd Overall
18 & Under Boy's : 1st
18 & Under Girl's : 1st

After Party BBQ/Food Not Bombs & Prizes for winners : Sunset Triangle

Sponsors : Would like to sponsor the Race?
Email me:
Or Message MeMeiMeow. (BIKE VALET)We have bike valet for afterparty

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Cache1

Still in our hearts.  We miss you Melissa!

675 (Melissa) Memorial Bridge Race

675 (Melissa) Memorial Bridge Race
(This race will consist of going up-and-over 9 bridges)

13.08 Mile course
7 Checkpoints
(Racers will not have to do anything special at checkpoints, just a simple hand-stamp. This will be a fast-paced course/race)

All Bikes are Welcome
Messenger Bags or U-locks are NOT needed!

Meet at the BRIDGE (4th & Flower)
Course Map

Register at 8:30p
Race at 9:30 SHARP!

$5 Donation will go towards the Westside Invite - Los Angeles 2012

The finish line will be at the Battle of Los Angeles!

Get your game face one....go out there and study the course!