Friday, March 16, 2012

L.A.B.M.A. - WILA2012


Los Angeles Bike Messengers Associations host our 1st WestSide Invitational 


The Westside Invite is an Annual Urban Bike Messenger/Cycling Event that brings bicycle messengers, bicycle commuters, cycling advocates and community leaders together for a week end of biking events, community forums and awards ceremonies.

Running for over 10yrs strong, (originating in Portland, Oregon) the Westside Invite has moved along through several different cities, including Seattle and San Francisco. 

Downtown Los Angeles is thrilled to play host to this year’s event for our booming crowd of cycling enthusiasts, bicycle messengers and guests from all over North America and the all over the world.

We will be hosting one benefit race each month from now, leading up to November.

WILA 2012 will be held from November 9th - 12th (Veterano's Day Weekend)
Please mark your calendars, as this will be an Epic Event you will never forget.

For all future events, updates and details...please "like" our WILA2012 Facebook Page.
Anyone interested in promoting or sponsoring WILA2012, please contact: or

Thank You Very Much for you support and don't forget your passports or greencards!

"Pot of Gold" - Chrome Yalta

It's going down tonight.  
Tonight's race will be a quick, fun checkpoint style race all inside DTLA.
Winner will take this Chrome Yalta BackPack.
All proceeds will go towards the WILA2012.
Please "like" the WILA2012 Facebook page and spread the word.
Thank You CHROME & ORANGE20 BIKES for sponsoring our Alleycat!
Come and support your local Messengers.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Pot of Gold" Scramble

LABMA (Los Angeles Bike Messenger Association) brings you the 2nd installment benefiting the Westside Invite - Los Angeles. Iggy has put a nice scramble for everyone to enjoy.....Messenger Style!  Please come out show your love and support for your local bike messengers.   See ya'll Friday!