Tuesday, April 17, 2012

675 (Melissa) Memorial Bridge Race

675 (Melissa) Memorial Bridge Race
(This race will consist of going up-and-over 9 bridges)

13.08 Mile course
7 Checkpoints
(Racers will not have to do anything special at checkpoints, just a simple hand-stamp. This will be a fast-paced course/race)

All Bikes are Welcome
Messenger Bags or U-locks are NOT needed!

Meet at the BRIDGE (4th & Flower)
Course Map

Register at 8:30p
Race at 9:30 SHARP!

$5 Donation will go towards the Westside Invite - Los Angeles 2012

The finish line will be at the Battle of Los Angeles!

Get your game face one....go out there and study the course!

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