Thursday, July 28, 2011

DTLA Summer Series - Crit#5 Course Map

Crit#5 - Passing Gas

These two brand new courses will pass around the Gas Tower on 5th and Olive. The flyer above shows the corner of 5th and Olive in the early 1900's. Part of this course was also used for the TOC last year. Below are both maps as refence:

Passing Gas (Road)
1.32 miles

 Start @ Hope/Kosciuszko (the WALL)
(R) 2nd St.
(R) Grand 
(L) 6th St.
(L) Olive
(L) Kosciuszko
(R) Hope

 Start @ Hope/Kosciuszko (the WALL)
(R) 2nd St.
(R) Olive
(R) 5th St.
(R) Grand
(L) 3rd
(R) Hope


Meet @ 3rd/Kosciuszko (the WALL)​s?q=Downtown+Los+Angeles&h​l=en&ll=34.053877%2C-118.2​51166&spn=0.002271%2C0.005​493&oe=utf-8&client=firefo​x&z=18&layer=c&cbll=34.054​539%2C-118.25148&panoid=Fo​JoHnTusDfLChKoIyiMaA&cbp=1​2%2C275.59%2C%2C0%2C-0.18

Registration at 7:00pm
Racing will begin at 8:00pm


Thursday, July 21, 2011

DTLA Summer Series - Crit#4 Course Map

We have a brand new course this Friday.  Racers will be going on top of the old Belmont Train Station.  It's a short, sweet course with a lil climb up Beaudry onto Third Street.  Again, we stress the fact to please be very careful when racing and be courteous to civilians that might be in your way.  Ride safe and Harrd!

Belmont Station

Start 2nd/Beaudry
(R) Beaudry Ave.
(R) 3rd St.
(R) Lucas Ave.
(R) Emerald St.
(R) W 2nd St.
(R) Beaudry Ave.

CRIT#4 - (Group Criterium) - Road and Fixed Category
0.95 miles / Number of laps will be announced the day of race.

Course Map:

Meet @ 2nd/Beaudry (the "LOT"):,+los+angeles,+ca&hl=en&ll=34.057957,-118.255291&spn=0.009084,0.013797&sll=34.058002,-118.255237&sspn=0.004586,0.006899&gl=us&z=16

Registration at 6:30pm
Racing will begin at 7:30pm


Number of laps will be announce at start of race.  Please Ride safe and Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

DTLA Summer Series - Crit#3 Course Map

Don't forget....its going down tonight!  Century City Messengers proudly present CRIT OF THE CENTURY!  This course is brand new.  Racers will be racing in and out of Downtown Century City, running through CPE, SMBlvd., Ave of the Stars and the MGM Bldg.  Keep in mind, we never really ran a crit in CC so please be curteous to traffic and civilians in the area.  

2.55 Miles 
Start at "the ALLEY"

(L) Constellation Blvd.
(R) Century Park East
(R) Olympic Blvd.
(L) Ave of the Stars
(U) Empyrean Way
(L) Constellation Blvd.
(L) MGM Dr.
(R) Garden Ln
(R) Century Park West
(R) Constellation Blvd.
(L) Ave of the Stars
(R) Santa Monica Blvd.
(R) Century Park East

Number of laps will be announce at start of race.  Please Ride safe and Enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

DTLA GPX 2011 Crit#1 Pics

Check out the rest on our FB page......Congrats to Riccardo for winning both categories!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DTLA Summer Series - Crit#2 Course Map

Are you guys ready for "FROGGER"??  This year we've extended last years LA RIVER DASH course to include the newly paved river bike path to FrogTown. This new course is strictly for the Roadie category and adds almost 5 more miles!  New course for Roadies will feature laps of 7.31 miles.


For all you Fixed gears, if you recall last years LA RIVER DASH consists of a 2.48 mile course alongside the LA River & Riverside Dr. It will again feature the ciclocross/bridge crossing section. 


 As always, number of laps will be announce at the beginning of the race. Lights and Helmets are highly recommended.  Ride safe and harrd!

Friday, July 1, 2011

DTLA Summer Series - Crit#1 Course Map

Don't forget tonight, Messenger Style! Number of laps will be announce before race time! Registration opens @ 7pm. Race @ 8pm. Keep in mind, this is Downtown and traffic will be at its usual. Everyone please be safe and have fun. No after party is scheduled, so if anyone knows of anything going down later tonight, spread the word.

1.29 miles
Start at the WALL (Hope/Kosciusko)

(L) Hope
(L) Flower
(R) 3rd St.
(R) Figueroa
(R) 2nd St. Tunnel
(R) Hill
(R) 3rd St. Tunnel
(R) Kosciuszko