Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2nd Annual "VUELTA de LOS ANGELES" - Results

To all the 2010 "Vuelta de Los Angeles" racers... all of the Dtla crew and Downtown's Finest would like to thank everyone who risked their skin, bones, teeth & participated in this epic L.A. event. Thank you all, checkpoint volunteers and of course the fans/spectators.   We hope all of you had fun and hopefully you filled your empty bellies with the goodies we had to offer.  Lastly, we would like to thank all the sponsors who came through "big time" and of course TRAFIK! Without our sponsors, this event would not have taken flight the way it did.

The total number of participants almost doubled from last years Vuelta.  We had 52 racers registered this year vs. 32 from last year.  We had10 racers that did not check in at the end of the race. 

Below you'll find your full name and standings.   

1.  John (The Roadie) Gabriel
2.  Sammy (The Snacker) Aguirre
3.  Matthew (Toothless) Biron

4.  Johny Budinoff   -   1st Place Fixed
5.  Ricardo (Mijo) Mejia
6.  Fabian (Turtle) Vasquez   -   1st Place 18yr & under
7.  Carlos (Carlitos) Hurtado   -   2nd Place Fixed / 18yr & under
8.  Luis (Haulass) Avina   -   1st Place DTLA Messenger
9.  Ilya Top
10. Edgar (Jetforce) Aragon Torres  -  3rd Place Fixed
11. Mauricio (Paceline) Hernandez
12. Chris Cono
13. Henry (Peter) Pan
14. Bulet Otavon
15. Angel Dubon   -   3rd Place 18yr & under
16. Adrian Gonzalez
17. Shaquille (_________)
18. Andrew John Huitink
19. Mike Ocon
20. Alex (_______)
21. Jesse Sierra Crisanto
22. Fernando (the REAL Fernando) Avalos
23. Eric (Pnut) Zamudio
24. Mariana (MariachiX) (_______)   -   1st Place Female
25. Guillermo (Quixmok) Rodriguez
26. Yeyo Pedroza
27. Charles E. Watson
28. Julian Cabral Negrete
29. Benjamin Qu Fabregas
30. Edgar Ramirez
31. Wayne Howard
32. Raymond D. Gurrola
33. Johnnel Shon Magat
34. Steven Nakai
35. Jesse Cordero
36. Carla Brambilla   -   2nd Place Female
37. Kevin Ocon
38. Robert Joseph Garcia
39. Joel Yudani Urias
40. Rene (Chichimecca) Acosta
41. Anthony Jimenez   -   DFL (Dead Fuken Last)
42. ?
43. ?
44. ?
45. ?
46. ?
47. ?
48. ?
49. ?
50. ?
51. ?
52. ?

Below is the list of the ten racers that did not check in at the Finish Line.  Also, please make sure the spelling is correct.  Feel free to place yourself next to a question mark.

1.  Benjamin Siliezar
2.  Christian Alburaz
3.  Bud Abille
4.  Alex (_______)
5.  Jesse Lopez
6.  Frank Arriaga
7.  Ernestine Llamas
8.  Leonard Melchor
9.  Michael (Trafikiller) Herrera

1.  Kevin Bayardo
2.  Hernan (Hern) Montenegro

Photo Credit:  Giovanni Ramirez

Please stay tuned for more races coming soon!
Thank You Very Much.
Downtown's Finest.....DTLA Crew

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wolfpack Hustle...ALL CITY CENTURY 4

Info taken from here!

START: 10PM SHARP (show up at 9:30 and review the route)

100 Miles to celebrate 4 years of weekly Los Angeles Street ASSAULT We've hit just about every street in EVERY corner of Los Angeles County and on this night we will take this superior experience and knowledge of LA and bring the pain. The route will cover some of LA BEST downhills.... which of course means... you know the deal. WOLFPACK HUSTLE BRING IT:

Snacks provided by CLIF

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VCR Thanksgiving Alley Cat 3 - Flyer

King Kog: New Shirts in Stock

Seen this Mount Rushmore Baseball tee over at King Kog's blog. Check em out here.

USSR National Team Cinelli Laser

From  Indeed, it is a broken handlebar. Eros Poli explains that in the protoypes where the handlebars were attached to the fork (to achieve better aerodynamics) the riders could break the handlebars from their efforts.   
So more here

Bike Porn Pic of the Day - NAGO

Cinelli - MashSF x Woof x Arfx

Saw this beauty at Pancalen Cycles blog this morning.  I like it...I like it a lot.....Raw and Dirrty! 
Below is a description of Pancalen Cycles blog:
Originally a size 55cm Mash, the owner, Robby Susilo, decided to strip off its original green and white livery and then let Woof Jakarta and ARFX to use it as a canvas.

"For me, the word 'mash' is associated to something raw and dirty." Robby said. So after the paint was stripped to its bare Columbus Airplane aluminum surface (and carbon fork), the artists translated the idea by giving it random splatters of black paint and recreate some of the original decals from 18K gold leaves. Yes, gold. A tribute to Benny Gold, maybe? 
The componentry, you asked? Sugino 75 crankset+bottom bracket, Phil Wood cog, Izumi NJS chain, Deda Pista track bar, Cinelli 90mm oversize stem, Thomson seatpost, Concor Supercorsa saddle, and MKS pedals. The wheels are Velocity Fusions laced 3-cross to 32-hole Phil Wood hubs (built by yours truly ;p), and shod by Vittoria Randonneur 700x28c.
More info here and here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd Annual "VUELTA de LOS ANGELES" - 11/13 @ 1p - DTLA

Dowtown's Finest Proudly Presents: 
the 2nd Annual "VUELTA de LOS ANGELES"
November 13, 2010
$10 entry fee (includes custom race package!!)

We'll be hitting a brand new course this year.
Note.........we added another 10.8 miles to the course, to make things a little easier on your legs.

Group Start - All bikes Welcome
1 lap - 28.25 miles
 Helmets and lights highly recommended (please)
Group Start - (Fixed and Road recommended)

Click for course map

Registration will start @ 1:00p
Racing will begin @ 3:00p

$3 Cheese-Burgers
$2 Hot Dogs
and Veggie Grill Delights.
BBQ will begin at 12 noon to 5pm at the 5 Stars Bar.

After the race, announcements and prizes will be held at:
Five Stars Bar
267 S. Main St.
(On Main St., between 2nd & 3rd St.

Balam Creations
Sammy the Snacker
U-Lock Mob
The Snatchers
Foreign Family
Downtown LA Bicycles
Ciclismo Nochistlan

Prizes TBA

If  you raced the 1st Annual VUELTA, you know this will be a race not to  miss.  Click on our videos to check out some footage from last years  VUELTA.
We will have spotters throughout the whole course making sure racers stay on track.

***Anyone willing to  volunteer as a spotter, please send me a message, so we may coordinate checkpoint volunteers***

As always...brought to you by:
Downtown's Finest aka DTLA Messengers!

MF925 - "Messenger Style Born Cycling"

DTLA Messengers aka Downtown's Finest

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VCR Thanksgiving Alley Cat 3

Hern is once again throwing his VCR Thanksgiving Alley Cat race.  I never got a chance to race this Alleycat in the past.  I'm pretty sure I'll be there this year.  Can't wait.  See below for details:
Hern Presents:  VCR Thanksgiving Alley Cat 3
Tuesday, November 23rd
7:30 PM at the Windward Circle in Venice
I'll make some changes this year, but the format is pretty much the same.

You have an hour to go to at least 4 different grocery stores and spend $20 total on non-perishable food. Everything you buy will be donated to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving day.

There will be 4 winners:

-First to cross the finish line
-Rider with the most amount of items
-Rider with the Heaviest Load
-Best Over All

Remember to bring a lock and a big bag (and $20 of course).  Bring your friends, family and everyone you know.  You'll be told the After Party Location the day of the race

Facebook Event Page

Fortune 700 Circuit Race & TTT (Results)

Below are the results from this past weekends Fortune 700 Circuit Race & TTT: 

TTT RESULTS (10 miles)
21:32 Tony Z / Emmanuel
22:25 Gus Peraza / Mannuel Corona
23:26 Edgar Torres / James Z
23:35 Enrique Trelles / Ihab S.
23:49 Jon Mc Donald / Jon Budinoff
24:02 Dusty Woodward / Steven Naki
24:16 Oscar Garcia / Asholok
27:15 Kevin Kang / Jinbok Lee
28:16 Ceasar Alverez / Hector Castro
28:28 David Zavala / Andres Cabral
28:35 Jeffrey C / Corey Bernachop
29:48 Tim Aro / Michael Herrera
39:05 David Debow (solo rider)
27:54 Nancy Wang / Mariana


Circuit Race (17.5 miles)

1st Enrique Trelles
2nd Jon Mc Donald 

3rd Christian Alburez
4th Jon Budinoff
5th Tony Zaldua
6th Steven Nakai
7th Dustin Woodard
8th Edgar Aragon Torres
9th Ihab S.
10th Kevin Kang
11th Michael Herrera
12th 32
13th Anthony Revira
14th David Debow
DNF 31


Overall stage race finish:
1st Tony Z.
2nd Jon Mc Donald
3rd Jon Budinoff 


Animal and myself represented Team Nochistlan. It had been a couple of months since I'd hit this circuit. Not too happy with our 7th place result, but I was hurting. Next year we're coming in top 3!

And of course, the overall winner is.....TONY Z! Congrats on winning the Chrome Jersey. Now who's next?

VUELTA Sponsor Update (DVS & Cadence)

DVS & Cadence just added to our VUELTA sponsor list.  Let's see what goodies come in the mail.  I'll post when the bird has landed.

VUELTA Sponsor Update (TRAFIK)

Yes ladies and gentlemen....this years VUELTA will once again be filmed.  But this time, with the a lil' help from TRAFIK Pictures.  We are excited to have them on board helping us make this race a full success.  Video and still cameras will be posted all over the route, along with two motorcycles capturing the race from beginning to end.  Can't wait for this weekend.  It's gonna be sickness!   Thanx Rick, it has and it will once again be a pleasure working with you.  A big thank you from Downtown LA's Finest Family!

Monday, November 8, 2010

VUELTA Sponsor Update (Dowtown LA Bicycles)

We're glad to announce Downtown LA Bicyles as sponsor for this years Vuelta. I had the pleasure of meeting Dany of Downtown Bicylces today and he hooked it up with some bars, tire, shirts and grips. In case you don't where their shop is located, they are near the heart of DTLA on Hill Street between Venice & 17th St. They have a wide variety of "fixie" bikes, cruisers, kids bike, bmx parts as well as a number stickers, tires, bags and everything for your cycling needs. I really like the environment of the shop. A big thank you to Dany and Hernan for the love and support. Hopefully we'll see you at the race this Saturday.  Support Your Local Bike Shop!

VUELTA Sponsor Update (Ciclismo Nochistlan)

Le Club Ciclismo Nochistlan / Eco-Adventure Tours
Downtown's Finest is pleased to present our very close friend, DTLA family member and part of the first generation of  Bike Messengers in Downtown, in the late 80's. After receiving his degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, Ciclismo Nochistlan established his own cycling team in efforts to introduce the youth to mountain biking, in the village of Nochistlan, in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.   Below are a few words from Ciclismo Nochistlan and a description of what he'll be giving away:

Cycling tours based in the mountain village of Nochistlan, Zacatecas Mexico. Treks lead by knowledgeable anthropologists/archeologists and our band of local Ciclo Warriors. Experience the mysticism of rural Mexico. Contact Info:

The Tommaso Augusta chromoly steel track/fixie frame is for track racing, commuting or just riding. Frame accepts a 27.2 seatpost (not included) and the BB is 68mm English thread. Tire clearance is up to 700x25 but may take up to a 700x28 depending on manufacturer. Frame is drilled for caliper brakes front and rear. The fork is 1-1/8" th

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fortune 700 Circuit Race & TTT

Make sure not to miss out on this event, going down this weekend.
Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=103523926381358

VUELTA Sponsor Update (The Snatchers)


VUELTA Sponsor Update (JTR)

We are pleased to announce, that our very own local State Champ and fellow TRFKAS rider, JTR (John The Roadie), will be sponsoring this years VUELTA 2010.  He will once again show his gratitude to the youth, as he did for this past summer's Young Bloods 18 and under race.  This time, a pair of specialized road shoes and a set of specialized tires will be given out to the overall youth (18 and under) winner.  Thanx John, Much Love!.........DTLA & the youth greatly appreciate it.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that TRFKAS is thee best ride to be on a Wednesday night....Be there!

Specialized Comp Road Shoe

• Stiff injection-molded and glass-reinforced sole with generous vent ports at the front and rear: 5.0 stiffness index
• Performance-enhancing BG features in the outsole and footbed
• New Lightweight Boa L4 rotary closure and forefoot Velcro strap for on-the-fly tunability and dynamic fit; features a quick-release lace pull
• Synthetic upper with mesh venting for supple fit
• Fits 2-bolt SPD and 3-bolt cleat systems
• Approximate weight: 290g (1/2 pair #42)

S-WORKS Turbo Tire
All-new for Specialized, the Turbo Race tire was engineered to be the fastest, best handling race tires in the world. Combines extremely low rolling resistance, 220 TPI plus increased traction in cornering, braking and accelerating.

• All-new tire for 2010
• Casing: 220 TPI
• Bead: Aramid
• Center Compound: 65a / Shoulder Compound: 55a
• Flat Protection: Black Belt
• 700 x 23 approx weight 185g, PSI: 115-125*


VUELTA Sponsor Update (Foreign Family)

Foreign Family has just informed us they will be sponsoring the VUELTA 2010.  If you don't know wasup with FF, then you're slippin'..........check em out here:

VUELTA Sponsor Update (CHROME)

Look what just came in from Chrome Bags.  If you race alleycats, you know you cannot purchase this jersey, but the only way you can have one is to WIN an alleycat race/event.  Big ups to CHROME for coming through with sponsoring this years VUELTA, and what better way to do so with this highly Coveted Jersey.  Make sure to legs your legs ready and come out strong this year, since it will be an Epic route. 
Chrome's Jersey description below:
The cusom jersey's we've been working on for the past few months just came in (does capo ring a bell?). We did a very limited run of these...only 200. Huge thanks to Garret Chow for the rad design...yes, that would be a 40 in the back pocket. Unfortunately, these aren't available for purchase. The only way to score one is by winning an alleycat, trick contest, sprint, polo match or any other event that we may be sponsoring.

Support Your Local Bike Shop - JAIRO'S

Jairo's is a featured sponsor for our upcoming VUELTA de Los Angeles 2010.  Check em out and show your support.
4120 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA, 90065

Dowtown LA Bicylces Grand Opening Celebration

Check out the Grand Opening of DTLA Bicylces.  Planning to visit this weekend for the bunny hop contest....BMX Style!
1626 S. Hill St.
L.A., CA 90015
(213) 745-6783

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10th Annual Cranksgiving Alleycat

Come race for a good cause.  Brought to you by U-Lock Mob.....10 Years Strong.   Messenger Style!