Monday, September 13, 2010

SkullyBoom Portable Speakers

Check these SkullyBoom Speakers.  Pretty cool.  I bought my daughter one this past BFF BlockParty and they are pretty loud for its size.  Lots of colors and designs.  Artists should collaborate with Skully to come up with some Limited/Special Editions.  Check em' out here

L.A. Bicycle Film Festival Trick Comp Video by ZLOG

BFF Trick Comp in LA from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Messenger Bike of the Day

Year:  1983 Guerciotti Track Bike
Owner: Kyle - DTLA Messenger
Company:  1st Legal Courier


Chrome Kursk SPD Shoes


FatBeats FINAL In-Store Performance

CINELLI - What's new for 2011?

Check out what Cinelli has in store for 2011.  My favorite is the PRO Best OF!


Kenichi Yanagawa aka "Ken" (Japan Messenger)

Kenichi Yanagawa aka "Ken" came to visit DTLA before departing to the WCMC in Guatemala.  Couple of messengers showed him around DTLA, going up and down building during work hours.  It was a pleasure to have meet a fellow courier from across the world.  We enjoyed his stay and he was fully excited with the  L.A. Messenger Lifestyle!
Ken also brought some fresh original Japanese Messenger Shirts and stickers.....
He works for a messenger company called CURIO-CITY pronounced "Curiosity"
Hiroyoshi (DTLA) & Kenichi (JAPAN) - bike messengers in two different cities, both natives from Japan.  It was awesome seeing them speak in their native language. 
Thank You Very Much Ken for your visit to DTLA.  Hope you enjoyed and hopefully you'll come to visit us in the near future.  Who knows, maybe we'll come pay you a visit sometime.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Movie Mayhem" 3rd Year Alleycat for BFF Tonight

Spoke cards ready, hott off the Press! 


BFF Joyride Art show

Group pic taken this Wednesday for the opening of JOYRIDE.  We showed up kinda late, Better late than never.
  Thanx Brendt putting this together!   See ya'll tonight!

the "YoungBloods" (20 & under) race VIDEO from Ambusche

Thanx to Ambusche for putting the vid together.

Young Guns from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Let's Hear It 4 The Ladies - BFF After Party

Los Angeles BFF (Bicycle Film Festival) 10th Anniversary

BFF has officially started. Last night's opening of JOYRIDE Art Show was awesome. So much good art and of course beer. Make sure not to miss out on MOVIE MAYHEM going down tonight. Manifests have been printed and ready to go. Ya'll gonna enjoy this alleycat.....BE THERE!