Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Movie Mayhem" 3rd Year Alleycat for BFF

We gladly invite you to our 3rd year Alleycat welcoming the BFF 10 Year Anniversary. 
The World premier of "To Live and Ride in L.A." will be screened at the Downtown Independent Theatre, right after the Alleycat. 

If you recall, last year we hosted "Tour De Cinema" Alleycat.  Checkpoints involved going to several different Movie Theatres throughout the Los Angeles area.  Tasks included trivia movie questions, taking a  picture as Indian Jones, sing a 80's TV show theme and other theater related shinanigans. 

This year we are proud to have teamed up with TRAFIK and decided to flip the theme up just a little bit.

"Movie Mayhem" will consist of 6 Checkpoints throughout the surrounding  Downtown area.  Obviously, the theme for this Alleycat will be "Movies".
Racers will have to be knowledgeable of L.A.'s famous movie landmarks, quotes, actors, movie trivia, etc.   Speed may not be a factor in winning, but your knowledge of "movies" will most likely bring you into 1st Place. 

Since we're keeping this Alleycat as "Messenger Style" traditional as possible, we will not be giving out the nature of the course.  But, here's a little hint....keep the following six movies in mind and study them well: 

Six Checkpoints:

START/FINISH will be at the Downtown Independent Theatre
Register @ 6:30p
Race @ 7:30p SHARP
Bike Valet will be available

Prizes will be given out to:
1s, 2nd & 3rd Place Overall
1st Place Female
1st Place Youth (17yrs under)
and of course DFL (Dead Freakin' Last)

Orange20 Bikes
DVS Shoes
Balam Creations
Bicycle Film Festival
(more TBA)

If you're not racing, check out two group rides leading to the Start/Finish Line.

One will leave from the Eastside which TOLA will be hosting:!/event.php?eid=140900419282417&index=1
The other will be from the Westside, which Beaver will be hosting.

"To Live & Ride in L.A." Movie World Premiere Facebook event:

"To Live & Ride in L.A." Trailer:

Purchase your tickets online here for the 9:30pm show:
(there's an encore screening at 11 if you can't get into the first one)

Bicycle Film Festival Information here

Friday, August 20, 2010

L.A. World Premiere - Bicycle Film Festival

Is everyone ready for the long awaited L.A. World Premiere???  If you're a Cyclist/Commuter/Street Racer/Messenger/Fakenger/Fixster/Hipster, you know this is the event we've all been waiting for.  Trafik has done a very good job documenting the LA Bike Scene and is finally putting their work for the world to see.  To kick of the films, there will be two group rides into DTLA, one from the Westside, which Beaver will be hosting from LAB, and one from the Eastside, which Sean/TOLA will be hosting from O20. Both rides will meet at the Downtown Independent Theatre (251 S. Main St) where we (Downtown's Finest aka DTLA Messengers) will be hosting a Alleycat again this year, "Movie Mayhem".  Last years race was a full success and we expect this one to be even bigger!  Be There!  For those of you not racing, TOLA will be hosting bikes games in front of the Movie Theatre.  Games info TBA, but the prizes will be big. As always, there will be Bike Valet, after parties, etc. Make sure to purchase your tickets before they sell out!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cyclepassion 2011 Calendar

CYCLEPASSION 2011 Calendar & DVD - Trailer One from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.

CYCLEPASSION 2011 Calendar & DVD - Trailer Two from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.

Pix from LASR (Los Angeles Sprint Race) by James & TonyZ -

Couple pix from tonight's L.A. Sprint Race....if you did not come out, you MISSED OUT!
Unfortunately, my camera died this is all I was able to capture :(
Don't forget, this weekend, back-to-back races....BE THERE!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prizes for the "YoungBloods" (20 & under) race

Here's a quick look at what's up for grabs this Saturday.....
Prizes courtesy of Orange20 Bikes:

Prizes courtesy of JTR:

1 pair Specialized S-WORKS Turbo Race Tire (These are super expensive and might be good for the overall winner)
The Turbo Race tire was engineered to be the fastest, best handling race tire in the world. Combines extremely low rolling resistance, 220 TPI plus increased traction in cornering, braking and accelerating.
All-new tire for 2010
Casing: 220 TPI
Bead: Aramid
Center Compound: 65a / Shoulder Compound: 55a
Flat Protection: Black Belt
700 x 23 approx weight 185g, PSI: 115-125*

1 pair Specialized Mondo Pro II Tire
Combines extremely low rolling resistance, puncture resistance and light weight, plus increased contact surface and traction while cornering via our proprietary Dual Radius Tread design.
Improved durability and puncture resistance over previous version
Casing: 120 TPI
Compound Center: 70a
Compound Shoulder: 60a
Bead: Aramid
Flat Protection: Flak Jacket
Dual Radius Tread (DRT) design for low rolling resistance and great cornering
700 x 23 approx weight 220g, PSI: 115-125*

2 pairs Schwalbe Lugano
Classic diamond profile provides reliable performance on dry and wet roads. Built with a puncture protection belt.
700 x 23C approx weight 325g, PSI: 85-110
Yellow pair has silica compound
Black pair has SBC compound

JTR will also be giving a certificate for a full Sho Air/Sonance Kit (Jersey and Bib Shorts.) He's giving it as a certificate, so he can order the correct size for the overall winner.

Echo Park Cycles , Chubby Boob and Stryker is also sponsoring!
Youngsters.....Get them legs ready!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lord of Griffith II - Sponsors


GoldSprints WC 2010 - Las Vegas

This is a must see/participate event....I predict sickness!!

LASR (Los Angeles Sprint Race) by James & TonyZ


Race has been moved 1 day later on Thursday Aug 12, 2010 7pm. because Encino Velodrome starts that weds night.
LASR Los Angeles Sprint Race by James & Tony Z

Who is the Fastest???? Fixed or Road ??? Come and find out or Try out!!!!! This race is about Speed and Strength not endurance. This is an open race to all !!!Two racers at a time about 1/8 of mile up stadium way. Drag race style. Meet at Dodger Stadium lower parking lot. Pls be on time. Registration at 7pm ,Race starts at 830pm. Be early lots of racers expected. 5$ entry fee. winners gets: 3rd entry fee, 2nd $10, 1st Takes the rest of the money $$$$$$$$ in each category. YOU CAN ONLY RACE IN ONE CATEGORY!!!! NO DRAFTING or you will be DQ. Hope to see you all there at our first event by James and Tony Z. Spoke cards will be past out!!!

All riders will be TIMED!!! Top 3 riders in each category with the fastest times win!!
Rules: EACH RIDER WILL HAVE 1 RUN. Standing Start. If you have a mechanical and show the referees that you got a flat tire or something broken!!!! We will give you 1 more pass. Each rider will be timed for each category, from start to finish. If you feel like you can go faster and want to do a 2nd run for the money!!! without a mechanical , it will cost you $5 again to do another pass that will go into the prize pot. You can choose who you want to race against in same category, for all you grudge matches, or side bets . The rest will race against whoever is left. If you happen to be the last person with no one to race against, you can do a run by yourself, or pick someone and tell the starter (tony Z).

At the finish of both category , I will have the fastest Fixie vs. fastest Roadie!!!!!!!
This will be the only rolling start race.

For all spectators please let us finish the race for the fixes and roadies , then you can have your own races for fun. Everyone not racing pls stay on the sidewalk or parking lot. There is plenty of room for everyone to see the whole drag race. Please lets keep it safe and trouble free . Thanks and hope to see you there

Meet up @ 7PM Aug 12, Thursday
Elysian Park ave / Stadium Way
Lower Parking Lot towards LA Fire Dept
1722 Stadium Way, La , Ca 90026 (MAP QUEST only)


After party @
Little Joy Echo Park
1477 W. Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90026

Click on link below to see course

Map of Meet up & Race /  Click on Picture to Launch 360 view to see 1/8 mile drag race course. START will be at light pole on right in picture. FINISH at 3rd light pole up

Here is a picture of a 1st place. I am giving away medals 1-3 in fixie and roadie. and 1 Victory medal to overall winner.

3rd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Bronze Medal, 1 Black limited edition Spoke Bracelet , and $5.00 (entry fee back)

2nd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Silver Medal, and a Pair of Serfas Seca TIres
valued at $50.00 or more sponsered by Rolling Cowboys. Winners will have to go to shop to receive prize !!!!!

1st PLACE Fastest fixie and roadie will receive Gold Medal and Money Pot Prize per catagory!!!!!!
I am estimating 20 or more people racing in each catagory which money pot will be well over $100.00
To the winner of the Fastest fixie vs Fastest Roadie will receive an additional Gold Medal which says Victory Fastest Overall

Lord of Griffith II - AfterParty

Via TOLA: 
The flyer for the after party for "The Lord of Griffith Two" Thanks Taylor, looks good. I'll be updating as it gets closer... Which is less then two weeks away!!!

PS. I'll be leading a group ride from the end of the race, to the Gallery. Where the prizes will given out, drink will be drank, and fun will be had.

DTLA GPX 20X - Crit Race #5 - Results

Thank You Everyone for making this years DTLA Grand Prix Summer Series 2010 a Full SUCCESS.

As we all know by now, Riccardo took first place for the fixed gear category.
 And (of course) TonyZ took 1st Place for the Roadie Category.
Hern showed up and raced a Grocery-Getter.....
Carlaa always coming through to race with the Boiz.....
And always, since the beginning of this series, the YOUTH came out strong!
Thank U PORK....for looking out for the racers safety.....
Thank You Spectators, Friends, Fans and Family.....
A Super Bigg THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to All Racers.....Remember we do this for all of YOU, so continue your support and ride safe!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the "YoungBloods" (20 & under) race

This one is for the YOUNG & the RESTLESS
All racers have to be 20yr or under!
I.D.'s may be required, if you appear to look over 20yrs old!
$5 Entry (Money goes toward the BBQ)
No one will be turned away for lack of funds

There wil be Prizes for 3 Categories:

18 -20yr           (Prize for 1st Place)
17 - under        (Prize for 1st Place)
20yrs - under   (Prizes for 2nd & 3rd Place)

Meet at 12:00pm on the corner of North Broadway /  Elysian Park Dr.
(Click for Meet Spot & Registration)

Register @ 12:30pm
Race @ 2pm SHARP

13.55  miles (Start to Finish)
(Click for Course Map)

There will be spotters at major intersections
BBQ at the Finish Line next to the Carousel